Perry-Spencer Funeral Home

Perry-Spencer Funeral Home

Job Location
Madison, NC
Job Details

Funeral Service Apprentice

Performs on-call responsibilities including: taking first calls, talking with families, answering questions, providing initial details, and; conducting transfers

Supervises and cares for the deceased in a respectful manner while performing a variety of tasks such as: verifying identification; obtaining authorization for embalming; embalming; dressing, styling hair and/or applying cosmetics; preparing cremated remains

Arranges and conducts funeral and memorial ceremonies in a professional, organized and caring manner consistent with company policies and procedures

Negotiates and enters into funeral contracts. Handles contracts, legal documents, and collection of payment in accordance with company policies

Ensures client families are informed of special recognition/services available for veterans and ensures the delivery of selected recognition/services

Arranges for the interment or cremation of human remains

Confirms authorization to proceed with the service arrangements

Supervises/assists in funeral services by: supervising the parking of cars; ushering; driving funeral vehicles; assisting at chapel and church services; assisting at the cemetery; delivering of flowers, caskets, urn, photos and other personal keepsakes or mementos of client families; setting up and removal of chairs, and; participating at special functions

Ensures adherence to all applicable professional, municipal, provincial/state and federal licensing authority, regulations and rules

Ensures potential pre-need referrals are shared with Family Service Counselors

Prepares and accurately completes documents and online entries related to services, cremations, maintenance


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