Funeral Showroom Caskets

Funeral Showroom Caskets

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Dallas, TX
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Sales Person

Casket Sales to Funeral Homes

Call and go visit funeral homes trying to sell them our 800 models of caskets.
We have the biggest selection of caskets in the USA.  We have more models than Batesville, Mathews and Aurora combined.

It is easy to sell funeral homes with our line of caskets.  Why?

**  Best Prices - Many models are half the price of similar models at Batesville or Aurora.  Funeral Homes are looking for ways to save money.  
** Oversize - Batesville only has 2 - 4 colors in 3 sizes.  We have 8 to 50 colors in all 7 oversizes.
** Colors - funeral homes cannot get Purple, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange or Turquoise caskets.  We have 6-7 models in these colors
** Childs Caskets - Funeral Homes cannot find them.  We have 7 choices in each child's casket size (5 sizes).
** Military Caskets - we have 8 choices for each branch.  Hard to find any elsewhere.
**  Full Couch caskets - very hard to find.  We have 75 models
**  Best Web site
**  Best Catalog.  Ours is 15" high x 12" wide.  choices sorted by color.  800 models.  44 pages.
**  Next Day shipping anywhere in the USA.  You will calling and visiting funeral homes all over the USA.

Easy to Sell and we pay $20/hour.  Been in Business for 10 years.  Biggest selection in the USA. Lowest Prices, Next day delivery anywhere in the USA.  

Call us now at 972-620-2699  Terry


Funeral Showroom Caskets
13401 Denton Drive
Farmers Branch, TX  75234
(972) 620-2699

Terry Zimmer
(214) 909-9633