About Gupton-Jones College

LaCarre' Clayton

LaCarre’ Clayton

Administrative Assistant

I’m LaCarré, but I appreciate the simple things life has to offer, so just call me LC! I was born and raised in south Mississippi. I am a Mama’s-Boy! I moved to the metro Atlanta area in 2016 and it quickly began to feel just like home. I have an associate degree in Healthcare Administration. I consider myself a life-long student and I am currently enrolled to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Public Health. I love to read, I am an avid shopper and I eat chips or French fries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! If I’m not home lounging in bed, I’m usually at a thrift store trying to find DIY projects or playing my video games. Although I like to consider myself a jack-of-all trades; I am most comfortable in-service to others. I am most proud of my selfless approach to helping others succeed and the ability to see the good in everyone. My passion is in community organization, promulgating skills and knowledge to others. I am also a champion of a fun, respectful, inclusive, and safe work environment.