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Caliman Funeral Services Position Description
Licensed Funeral Professional

Purpose: The CFS Licensed Funeral Professional provides funeral planning, coordination and/or embalming in behalf of Caliman Funeral Services clientele.    

Lines of Authority: Responsible to J. Richard Caliman or his designated representative.  

1. Licensed by the appropriate State agencies as a Funeral Director or Embalmer.
2. Physical ability and willingness to perform the responsibilities described herein.  
3. Ability and willingness to promote the core convictions and other standards of practice as observed by Caliman Funeral Services, Ohio Funeral Directors’ Association, and other appropriate organizations.  
4. Extensive knowledge and experience in the funeral services industry.
5. Ability and willingness to provide courteous service to the public.

Duties and Responsibilities: The primary responsibilities of the CFS Licensed Funeral Professional fall into two categories: funeral directing; and embalming.

I. Funeral Directing
A. Organizing and Arranging a Service

1. Take calls from informant, medical, or other appropriate personnel.
2. Offer condolences to informant and other survivors.
3. Authorize pick-up of deceased.
4. Schedule appointment with family.
5. Meet with family at CFS Offices.
6. Introduce yourself and other CFS staff where appropriate.

g. Determine family’s desires for services in behalf of deceased.

7. Determine who is responsible for account (i.e., informant, others).

• Give insurance information to CFS Family Services Assistant.  

8. Complete Funeral Informant Sheet.
9. Provide an overview of services offered by CFS

• Distribute “General Price List”.
• Review CFS service options.
• We provide very best care in behalf of deceased and family.
• We assist in setting up and conducting funeral service.
• We assist in reducing level of stress and anxiety within family.
• We coordinate all necessary arrangements.    

10. View casket options and other merchandise.
11. Finalize family decisions and compute cost of services.
12. Sign Service Agreement.  
13. Authorize necessary changes in Service Agreement based upon discussions with family.
14. Arrange for private viewing by family.
15. Release case folder to CFS Family Services Assistant.

• FSA will file Death Certificate within 24 hours of receiving folder.
• FSA will verify insurance payment status within 48 hours of receiving folder.  

16. Assure completion of embalming process (Check with embalmer).
17. Follow-up with final payment of bill.
18. Prepare guest book.

B. Directing a Funeral Service

1. Schedule private viewing for family.
2. Place deceased into casket and store in appropriate area.
3. Complete financial arrangements prior to private viewing.
4. Make sure that CFS building and grounds are clean.
5. Make sure that company cars are clean and available for service.

f. Load and transport deceased to funeral service.

• Bring flowers and other appropriate equipment to the church.

6. Pick up family at residence or meet them at the church before the service and deliver them to funeral site in a timely manner.
7. Greet family for escort to viewing.
8. Wait upon family during private/public viewing.
9. Meet with officiating minister to discover his decisions for conducting service.
10. Inform family of officiating minister’s decisions.
11. Provide instructions to pall bearers and other attendants.
12. Escort family members to cars following service.
13. Escort remains to hearse following service.
14. Take flowers to limousine.
15. Distribute flags on cars that are going to cemetery.
16. Accompany funeral procession to cemetery.
17. Unload casket at gravesite.
18. Escort family to gravesite.
19. Offer final closing comments at gravesite.
20. Escort family to back to their cars.
21. Return appropriate articles to family.
22. For services held at CFS Chapel, assure that building is cleaned.
23. Assure delivery of appreciation basket to family.  (Effective 3/1/05)

II. Embalming Services: The Licensed Funeral Professional will perform such duties that will allow him/her to meet the performance standards outlined within the “Caliman Funeral Services Embalming, Cosmetizing, and Casketing Process.” Performance standards include the following areas:

A. Preparation
B. Positioning
C. Sanitation
D. Setting features
E. Clean-up
F. Cosmetization
G. Dressing and casketing


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