Around Town

Of the recreational choices, one may visit Six Flags Over Georgia, with more than 200 acres of entertainment and just a few minutes from downtown Atlanta. Also, the downtown area offers a wide range of entertainment possibilities including Underground Atlanta, the World of Coke, and the Civic Center where concerts, shows and other attractions occur.

For the sports-minded, Atlanta has excellent professional teams, headlined by the two year back-to-back National League Champions, and the 1995 World Champions, The Atlanta Braves. Atlanta also hosts the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks. In addition, the city offers several artistic attractions, such as the High Museum of Art, the famous Fox Theatre, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Downtown Atlanta features many historic sites including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, the Carter Presidential Center, and the gold-domed State Capitol.

Just minutes from the College, one may visit historic Stone Mountain, regarded as the largest solid granite stone in the world. Carved in its side are figures of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson. Boat rides, a carillon, and many other amusements draw millions of people to the park each year. Atlanta truly offers a great and exciting "home away from home" while attending Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service!